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Array between

With ArrayLinear in Rhino, you can make linear arrays where you define the space between the individual curves. With this script you can define the total length instead. This script makes use of dynamic display. This means you will get a dynamic preview of the geometry you are creating. While you drag out the copies, you can change the amount of copies.

Another feature that is included is to change the basepoint. So you can either scale from the bounding box center of the object, or one of the corner points. For example, image below shows base point changed to lower left corner.


You can either copy and paste the script below to Rhino for Windows' Python scripting editor, or if you're using Rhino for Mac, use the recommended Atom editor in combination with Rhino Python code completion support, which you can find here. To use the script on a Mac, load the script in Atom, and save the script as Then in Rhino, run the command StartAtomEditorListener, so that Atom and Rhino can communicate with each other. To run the script, use ^⌥R.

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