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Page Layout Tools for Rhino

During the years I've been developing small tools to overcome certain limitations and to extend functionality of Rhino Layouts. The tools I've made are all Rhino python scripts that you can download from my github page for free (click the green code button on the provided link). Make sure to check back regularly, or better, use github desktop to synch my tools and update them from your desktop.

While I haven't gotten around to making a self installable tool yet, it's not hard to use the python scripts, as long as you are familiar with making your own toolbars in Rhino. The scripts are tested to work in Rhino 7 and beyond. Some of the tools may work in earlier versions, but I cannot guarantee that.

Some examples of the tools include:

Aligning dimensions:

Synchronizing details:

Annotation balloons and automatic part list (Bill Of Materials / BOM) for Block items:

Projected views:

If you have additional request for new additions or changes to these tools, email me directly or leave an issue on my github page.

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